Triathlon Mastery

Whether you are a seasoned triathlete looking to shave off time in the swim or a beginning triathlete looking to reduce your anxiousness in the first leg of the race. We have the tools and technique to fine tune your stroke as well as help you get into the correct mindset for the start of the event. 

Coming soon! Our very own Endless Pool that we will have in a new facility.

Imagine being able to swim without having to perform a flip turn as you would in a traditional pool! Endless Pools provide consistent flow to mimic open water swimming, pace based training, and no crowds!

We’ll be offering the opportunity to have clients come in and workout on their own or to schedule a time block where Coach Jen can assist in Stroke Mechanics.

Check out the following article on Australian seven time IRONMAN champion Luke McKenzie on why he chooses to do all of his swim training in an Endless Pool, Luke McKenzie.

Please note that this service is only offered at our Laura Louise location in the endless pool. To  schedule a time slot for this service, please click the following link to Schedulicity to schedule.

Laura Louise Scheduling