The Benefits of Private Lessons

At Wavefront Aquatics we only offer private and semi-private swimming lessons.  We often get questions about the benefits of private lessons and why we choose private over group lessons. While we believe that group lessons may be beneficial for some children, but they have a certain aspect of unpredictability that can hinder a swimmer’s progress. Wavefront Aquatics believes that private lessons allow for consistency and continued development.

Group lessons are generally unpredictable for two reasons. Normally group lessons are set up for children with similar capabilities, but there is no guarantee. In group lessons, it often happens that some children have higher energy levels. These children can detract from the rest of the group by consuming the instructor’s time and energy. Group lessons are also set up for the instructor’s attention to be divided between several students. This can be a breeding group for bad habits. The instructor must care for all the children, and often doesn’t have the time to spend correcting undesirable behaviors with one child

Wavefront Aquatics has the solution to these problems. Our private or semi-private lessons (1-2 children) ensure you know exactly who will be in the pool with your child. This policy helps ensure a safer learning environment by ensuring that your coach will always have an arm to help your child. Private lessons also allow our coaches to consistently interact with students one on one, allowing them to build trust based relationships. Wavefront Aquatics believes that building relationships with each individual is the best way to conquer fears and push swimmers to succeed.

Our one on one lesson program ensures that each student will get 100% of their coach’s energy and attention.  Undesirable behaviors can be a detrimental for a student’s confidence and safeness in the water. Wavefront Aquatics strives to address these behaviors to build solid technique. We cap lessons at two children so that our coaches can be focused on addressing bad habits the moment they occur.

At Wavefront Aquatics we understand the value of consistency for students. It’s difficult for students to progress if they’re constantly being taught by different instructors. In order to encourage consistency with our coaches, Wavefront Aquatics employs no-teacher rotations policy. This means that the coach you choose will always be your coach. If there is an emergency and your coach is unable to make it to the scheduled lessons, the lesson will be cancelled. This policy ensures that students always receive lessons from a coach they trust, who knows their history, can be consistent, and help students to achieve.

In the end, the decision between group and private lessons is dependent on how the student learns. Some children can function in a dynamic group setting. But we believe that private lessons can benefit any student, no matter their capabilities. If you’re interested in checking out Wavefront Aquatics lessons, please visit our locations page.