Our Story

The Program: Coach Jen’s Swim School to Wavefront Aquatics

Wavefront Aquatics was born in Bozeman, Montana with the goal of teaching swimming the right way, the first time, and every time. Coach Jen, the owner of Wavefront, started the program in the winter of 2013. She had been coaching swimming for over 20 years and desired to create a “different” kind of swim program.

She hoped to create:

The Owner

Swimming was always a vital part of Jen’s life, as she grew up in the Bay Area of California. Between surfing and lifeguarding, Jen lived and breathed the water. With her experience in and around the water, came a respect for water safety. She made her way to the beautiful Bozeman, Montana and decided to open Coach Jen’s Swim School (now known as Wavefront Aquatics) and share not only her love, but also her respect for the water.

Jen wanted to teach quality swim lessons in the Bozeman area and the best way to do that was to simply start her own business. Private lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to teach children and adults the technical aspects of swimming. Through the Wavefront Aquatics program, coaches ensure everyone is improving and enjoying their experience. No longer do kids sit pool-side while other children swim.

The key to Wavefront Aquatics success are the exceptional instructors, who are picked with care. Before opening her business, Jen was limited by available facilities, who she could hire, and how much she could pay them. Now, she treats her instructors the way she wished she had been treated as an instructor.

Finally, Wavefront Aquatics progression based program eliminates unnecessary skills required by other national programs. This way everyone can learn quickly, with ease, and learn the right way, the first time.