FAQs / Policies

You have questions? We have answers! If your question is not answered below simply send your question in an email to info@wavefrontaquatics.com or call us at 406-600-5769 and we will gladly answer any and all questions you have about our services. 

We offer swim lessons to swimmers age 2 to adult

This is probably the most asked question we receive and one of the most difficult to answer because every swimmer learns at their own pace. One of the fantastic things about Wavefront Aquatics is that we take a tailored approach to ensure that your swimmer gets the most out of their lesson.

The private lesson structure that we provide allows for the Coach to customize a lesson plan based around your swimmer’s background, previous aquatic experience, learning style, and unique goals. Our approach allows us begin lessons at their level, provide them the skill-oriented progression in a fun environment. This ensures that the swimmer builds a positive association with the water at all times while learning as much as they can about water safety and independent swimming. 

Given this, your swimmer may learn to swim in a few lessons or they may need consistent lessons all season long. However long it takes, our commitment is to provide productive and fun lessons for your swimmer.

Great news! All of our amazing coaches are trained to instruct all levels and abilities. All you need to do is pick a location and time that works for you and we do all the rest!

Your swimmer should come prepared to swim with a swim suit and a towel. Although goggles are not required, we recommend that your swimmer bring their own goggles to class. Changing rooms are also available for your privacy. Those swimmers under the age of 3 or children that are not yet potty trained are required to wear a swim diaper.

While we never anticipate a swimmer having a poor experience in the pool, it is possible that the lessons may not work for your swimmer this time around. Whatever the reason, if at any point throughout your lessons, you want to discontinue your lessons, we can always hold a credit on file for you to resume your lessons at a later time when your swimmer is a little older or refund you for your unused lessons.

We believe it is very important for your swimmer to be able to build a trusting relationship with their swim coach. For this reason, we do our best to make sure that all of your lessons are taught by the same coach. 

Please note that there may be some circumstances, such as illness or scheduled vacation, where your instructor may not be available for your lesson. In these cases, you will have the option to complete your scheduled lesson when your coach returns or have your account credited.

We understand and believe that swimmers learn best when the Coach is consistent. For this reason, we are committed to keeping the same Coach for your series of lessons.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the Coach will be there for each lesson as there are many reasons, such as illness, family emergencies, or scheduled vacations, that can cause a Coach to miss a lesson. In the event that your Coach is not able to instruct your swimmer, we will notify you with as much advance notice as possible and provide you with an option for either rescheduling your lesson upon your Coach’s return or apply a credit to your account. It is never our intention to inconvenience our clients or swimmers and we apologize in advance for any reason that your Coach is not able to attend your scheduled lesson.

Services Offered:

Recurring Weekly Lessons:
We offer private and semi-private swim lessons, 1 or 2 participants max, ages 2 and up. Our lessons are 30 minutes long and meet once per week. Sessions are month to month and you automatically keep your space for the season. You may cancel your lessons at any time via email or by phone. Recurring lessons are booked through email or by phone and are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Payment Policy:

Recurring Weekly Lessons:
Swim lessons are scheduled for one month at a time. Payments will be made for the entire month, by the first lesson, unless otherwise negotiated. Invoices for the next month of lessons will be sent the last week of the current month. The invoice may be paid online using the “Pay Now” button. We accept payment via bank transfer or by check only.

Wavefront Aquatics
P.O. Box 3634
Bozeman, MT 59772

Please do not leave payment with your instructor. Wavefront Aquatics is not responsible for checks left at swimming pools.

After 30 days, a payment reminder email will be sent and the scheduled lesson day and time will be given to another client. An additional 10% fee will be added to 30-day late invoice(s). At 60 days, you will receive another email and a reminder phone call concerning payment. An additional 10% fee will be added. Payments which are 90 days late will be sent to collection. Bounced checks will receive an additional $50 fee.

Parent and Guardian Policy:

The parent, guardian, or person responsible for the care of each swimmer must remain on the deck during the entirety of the lesson. They are also responsible for the supervision and safety before the lesson begins and after the lesson is completed.

Participant Policy:

The parent/guardian or person responsible for the care of each child must remain on deck during the entirety of the swim lesson. The parent/guardian or person responsible for the care of each child is responsible for the supervision and safety of each child before the lesson begins and after the lesson ends.

We reserve the right to cancel a lesson at any time should we believe that the safety of the swimmer or he instructor may be compromised. Reasons for cancellation include but are not limited to the following; illness, pool contamination, open wounds, dangerous behavior. A credit will be issued for these occurrences.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@wavefrontaquatics.com or at 406-600-5769.

Facility Policy:

The Hotel facilities are for swim lesson participants only. The facilities include the pool, hot tub, and towels. Facilities are not for use by friends or family members of the swim lesson participant(s). Any toys or tools being used by the swim instructors are also not for use by friends or family members of the swim lesson participant(s).

Cancellation Policy:

There is no refund for absentees or cancelations.

Refund Policy:

Wavefront Aquatics does not refund or reschedule missed lessons. Our coaches are too full to reschedule and they are paid whether or not their client is present for lessons. Lessons cancelled due to a sick coach or pool closure are credited back to the client on their invoice or refunded to their credit card on file through Schedulicity.