Essential skills

Is your child safe in the water?

Determining if your child is safe in the water by themselves can be a tough decision. That is why we recommend having a Wavefront Aquatics coach test your child’s swimming abilities. Our coaches are trained professionals who will be able to give you an accurate representation of your child’s skill level as well as recommendations for improvement. But, we are aware that not everyone has the time to come in for a lesson. So, we have put together a detailed list of skills that swimmers should be comfortable doing to be safe in the water.

In order for a swimmer of any age to be safe in a pool, they must be able to complete certain safety skills. Such skills include, climbing in and out of the pool, kicking, infinite floating on their back, kicking, rolling to breath, jumping up from the bottom of the pool, grabbing the wall from their front or back, and jumping in the pool and swimming to the other side. Each of these skills are necessary for a swimmer to be safe in the water.

Swimmers must be comfortable getting in and out of the pools from the stairs, ladders, or the wall in order to refrain from getting stuck in the pool. Swimmers must also be able to float on their back for an infinite amount of time. Floating on their back is the easiest way for a swimmer to rest if they become too tired to swim. Swimmers also must be capable of kicking efficiently. Kicking is the main way to move when swimming. If a swimmer cannot successfully kick they will not be able to move around the pool.

Rolling to breath is another very important skill for swimmers to learn. Swimmers should be able to swim on their stomach then roll to their back to then roll to their stomach to keep swimming. It is essential that they roll to their back to breath in order to maintain technically sound swimming. Swimmers must also be comfortable jumping into the pool at any depth of water. Once they jump in they need to be able to return to the surface without panicking and swim to the side. Lastly, swimmers should be comfortable grabbing onto the wall from either their front or back.

The culmination of all of these skills makes a safe swimmer. If you feel like your child is struggling with any of these safety skills please check out Wavefront Aquatics. Our coaches can teach all these skills and more!